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Every night they come. Zombie eyes transfixed. Waiting, watching... wanting more. You are the screen, and you thrive on their attention.

Thrill them, amuse them, disgust them, terrify them - educate them if you must - just don't bore them. For boredom is death to the screen.

Goal & Instructions
Playing as the family TV (featuring adaptive intelligent channel switching), you'll have to learn which channels entertain your devoted viewers. Keep them entertained to live. Let them sleep, you die.

Press the left and right arrow keys to change channels. Differently themed channels entertain family members depending on taste. WARNING - Any channel will become boring if viewed too long. The longer they watch, the faster they become bored, requiring even faster channel juggling.

Losing the attention of all family members leads to complete failure.

How long can you keep them ENTHRALLED?

Game by:
Jerry Verhoeven https://twitter.com/JerryVerhoeven
Ben Kerslake https://twitter.com/benjkers

Made for Ludum Dare 31 - "Entire Game on One Screen"


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